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Keep Your Ride-Sharing Trips Safe with these 5 Tips

Everybody has used, or at least heard of, ride-sharing apps. They are a convenient way of getting from point A to point B with just a few taps on your smartphone. The biggest ride-sharing app on the market, Uber, reported to have completed more than 10 billion trips worldwide in December 2018. It goes to show that people have fallen hard for these apps in such a short amount of time. But these rides are not perfect. Although they are relatively safer than other public transport alternatives, there is still some risk that passengers take whenever they use the app. Don’t worry though, here are the 6 things you need to keep in mind for safer rides.

1. Get out at the last minute

One of the best things about ride-sharing apps is being able to book and wait for your ride without having to step outside. Take advantage of this feature and wait until the last moment when your ride arrives before leaving the safety of the indoors. This will reduce the time you’re exposed to different dangers outside.

2. Make sure you’re in the right car

Last April, the New York Times released an article highlighting a slew of horror stories about fake ride-sharing drivers who have preyed on passengers. These stories are frightening and sobering. As a passenger, it is your responsibility to correctly identify whether you’re getting into the right car. Make sure the make and model of the car matches the one showing on the app. You can also use the picture of the driver as a clue. Most importantly, wait for the driver to call you by name. The #WhatsMyName campaign was started after a passenger was brutally killed when she got into a fake Uber.

3. Follow the rules of traffic

This tip applies to both the driver and yourself. Make sure your driver follows the traffic rules. You can calmly raise your concerns if they do not. At the same time, you should also be conscious of following rules that you are responsible for, like wearing your seat belt. Encourage other passengers to do the same.

4. There is safety in numbers

You don’t only save money by sharing rides with friends, more importantly, your rides become that much safer. Encourage booking in pairs or groups. Most apps have the option of adding multiple drop-off locations, perfect for group passengers. You should also send the details of your trip to friends or loved ones. As an added safety measure, you can call someone and just casually mention that you’re in an Uber and that they can follow your trip using the app.

5. Trust your intuition

If you feel anything strange about your ride (your driver, the route, the vehicle), don’t hesitate to say something. A driver without any bad intention should hear out your concern and act accordingly. On the other hand, a bad driver may be deterred if you speak up.

6. Get help

riding a car If you do find yourself in an emergency, try to get out in a safe place with other people around. You should also call 911 to report your situation. In case of an accident, make sure you are safe and get medical attention if needed. Talking to a lawyer that specializes in Uber accidents will help you sort out the next steps.
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