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Is Your Office Design Connecting with Your Employees?

Busy employees in their amazing officeThere needs to be harmony between your employees and your office. These are the people who walk around office halls every day; if the office is not designed to improve their productivity, you’re wasting your most precious resource. Maybe it’s time for a couple of updates around the office. Here are some things to get you started:

Get Ergonomic Furniture

Your employees should feel comfortable in their cubicles and chairs. They won’t be motivated to go to work if they have to deal with tables that are not of the right height, or chairs that leave them with back pains at the end of the day. Your options for ergonomic furniture are plentiful, and you can even order office furniture online if you don’t have the time to buy them from a local shop. There’s no excuse to settle for old and inefficient furniture.

Add a Bit of Creativity

One thing you’ll notice from work-spaces that cater to a younger employee age group is the presence of spaces designed to refresh the mind. Google, Skype, and other prominent companies have incorporated fun into their headquarters, and your smaller office can have the same effect if you paint a mural on the walls or leave space to unwind in one corner. Even a small reading nook where people on their break could relax with a good book is much appreciated.

Maximize the Floor Space

No single office layout works for all companies. You have to design the office according to fixed areas, such as the pantry, bathroom, and the office of the higher-ups. Find the best way to maximize everyone’s productivity by seating together people who need to collaborate all the time. Decide if you want the managers to sit together or to be with their teams, depending on how your business operates. Office productivity depends on several factors. One of them is your office design and layout, so pay attention to this.
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