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Is a Photography Business Worthwhile amid the Pandemic?

Historically, photography has always been a profession and a skill that will always be in high demand. This isn’t a surprise since almost any occasion, especially if it’s documenting historical political strife, conflicts in different countries worldwide, and taking photos of archeological findings for academic research. But even though photography has been used for a lot of academic and documentary purposes, it’s also highly used in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s wedding photography, setting up your own studio so you can take photos of products, or fashion photography for quirky new apparel and brands, there will always be a high demand for talented photographers who can take captivating photos. With the current rise of social media platforms that cater to young aspiring fashionistas, influencers, and models, the need for good professionals cameras has skyrocketed, especially when uploading photos from one device to another can be done in just mere seconds with some innovative wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. But in the last few months, most businesses and industries have seen a plummet in foot traffic and sales, especially when most potential consumers are anxious about going out with the lingering threat of COVID-19. Even though certain industries aren’t affected, much of the United Kingdom’s economy has been hit, which has affected several businesses, whether they are considered essential or non-essential. Usually, businesses that are still “thriving” today are those that don’t necessarily have any face-to-face contact. But when it comes to photography, physical interaction needs to be done between clients and most photographers, which can cause complications on how the business should conduct its business. However, different types of photography don’t necessarily require face-to-face interaction and contact. But for those who plan to start their own home photography and freelancing business, is it a lucrative investment? How will it fare when much of the market is anxious about going out? We’ll be answering some questions that will shed some light on the future of the industry and what it could mean during the “new normal.”

Is It Worth It?

The short answer to this question is: Yes, photography is worth it. A more complicated answer would be: It’s worth it if you understand your work’s nature and will entirely depend on the industry you’re offering your services to. The nature of your work will determine the risk factors and the market you’re catering to. For instance, most photographers working online will usually have clients who will need content for their website. If this is the case, most of these photographers can work remotely within their own studio and in a controlled environment without worrying about infections.

Factors to Consider

But before you do make any final decisions, you’ll need to consider the following factors:
  1. Equipment — First and foremost, you will need high-end and high-quality equipment that will be able to compete with other photographers near your area. Most clients want to have good quality photos, and having the right equipment can help ensure that you have all the right angles when you’re taking photos and the quality to go with it.
  2. Studio — If you’re planning on taking photos for products, content marketing, and models, you might want to have a safe and controlled studio with the right lighting, equipment, and editing software.
  3. Venue — For photographers that will need to interact with clients, it’s best to think of the venue. Are you doing wedding photography? It’s best to have a venue that you’re familiar with. This way, you can easily stay in one place while being aware of the individuals around you. This is also an effective way of keeping yourself safe by minimizing the chance of contracting contagious diseases.
  4. Skill and experience — Skill and knowledge around your equipment and how you take photos will be one of the key factors you will need to consider. There’s bound to be different photography techniques. And this will work in tandem with the equipment that you have. If you’re more inclined to take landscaped photos, you might want to get wide-eyed lenses. However, the beauty of photography can mix and match different techniques with your equipment. Get creative!
If you’re focusing on revenue-based photography by creating content for a variety of different products and websites, you might be interested in learning marketing for photographers. This program will provide the necessary steps in honing your skills in photography and giving you the necessary information needed in starting up your photography business, especially one that is catered to a more digitalized market.

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Creating your own photography business in the middle of the pandemic isn’t a far-fetched concept, especially when there are a lot of digitalized platforms that are clamoring for content, photographers, and editors that can turn engagements into leads. Although other types of photography businesses are still possible, photographers should abide by rules and regulations in the face of a public health crisis.
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