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Interesting Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do to Save More Power at Home

kilowattAs the year takes off, most homeowners are making new resolutions on how to manage their money better and save more. Saving on electricity is certainly a good place to start as utility bills take up a significant portion of most people’s budgets. Here are a few smart things you could start doing today that will make a big difference in your power bills by the end of the year. Insist on professional appliance installation and maintenance Conducting your own appliance installation and maintenance may seem like a good way to save money on contractor charges, but in the long run, the practice may cost you more. Poor installation and maintenance are often the leading causes of energy inefficiency in appliances. It’s much wiser to let one of the professional air conditioning companies here in Sydney install your AC, for instance, than do it wrongly and incur more utility expenses.

Save on lighting

About a tenth of all your energy expenses go to lighting. If you replace your incandescent light with CFLs, you’ll save up to jaw-dropping three-quarters of your lighting charges. That’s because while traditional incandescent lamps convert only a small amount of electricity to lighting and waste the rest on heat energy, CFLs does the opposite. And since CFLs last longer, you’ll also be saving more money on replacements.

Shut down the computer

Do you leave the computer on all day, even when you are not using it? Well, that increases your power consumption by tens of dollars every year. If you could switch off the computer when not using it, you’d be saving that money and using it on other things. Do the same with other appliances too. The smartest way to reduce your energy expenses is by examining where and how you use it, and then look for ways to eliminate wastage. Usually, you need only make a few adjustments to realise significant changes over time.
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