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Man painting the office walls

How to Select The Best Paint Colors for Your Office

Man painting the office wallsColors impact every one of us. They promote and stimulate emotions and feelings in every person. That being said, the right color scheme for an office could help in uplifting, and energizing employees, which in turn could help in making your employees more productive. You’re probably thinking how you could possibly choose from among the myriad of color choices available to you. Below are some top tips to help you out:

Office Needs

Decide on what your office needs to evoke in your employees and visitors to help you pinpoint your main color. For instance, blue is known to evoke productivity, green is for calm, balance, and trust, red is for activity and physicality, and yellow is for creativity and emotion.

Natural Light

Take into careful consideration how much natural light your office gets and how small or big it is, suggests a top painter contractor in Park City, American Town Painting. Darker hues are perfect for spacious offices since they could make it look more cozy and compact. Conversely, lighter colors are ideal for smaller offices to make them look more spacious that than they are. Another top tip; consider painting the ceilings beige or white to make a small space look higher.

Brand and Office Colors

If your business has already decided on brand colors, you might have to consider if your office colors would pay well with them. If you’re looking to incorporate your brand colors into your office space, you could opt for colors that compliment them or contrast with them, but won’t eclipse them.

Attention to Colors

Pay close attention to how saturated a color is because according to prominent color psychologist Angela Wright, it is the intensity of a hue that’s the primary factor that would impact the behavior and performance of your employees. Generally speaking, brighter and stronger shades are more stimulating, while lighter and more muted shades are more soothing. There are countless color options available to you, and you have probably set your sights on a color scheme that you like, but are unsure if you should use it. Before deciding on a color scheme, keep the abovementioned tips in mind, taking into account your brand colors, office space, and type of work that’s done in your office.
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