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Couple Sitting Between Boxes

How to Properly Label Your Moving Boxes

Couple Sitting Between BoxesNow that the moving marathon is on, to avoid delays and get things moving as quickly as possible, you have to write the proper labels for every single packed box after sealing it. In general, you could choose between two common labeling systems, color-coded and the number system. Your choice would depend on the particular packing conditions and preferences.

The Color Coded Labeling System

Many prefer this labeling system because of the ease it affords to packers and movers. You just pick a color for one room in the new house and use that same color for the boxes, explains Nash Packaging and other professional packers well-known container and packaging supply stores in Utah. For instance, let’s say you chose yellow for the master bedroom. You should then use a yellow marker to label boxes that should be unpacked in your new master bedroom. You could also place yellow labels and yellow tape for much easier identification. When you’re done labeling all boxes bound for the master bedroom, pick another color for other rooms — like blue for the living room and so on.

The Number Labeling System

Use number codes instead of colors to label packed boxes. First, you should write a master checklist in which you list the specific contents of every box or container against a number code. This means that all boxes should be labeled with numbers, but your master list must contain detailed information on what your number codes mean. For instance, boxes four to eight contain bathroom stuff, but when you look at your master list, you would see that box six is where you would find your bathroom vanity items. If you hired professional movers, inform them of your labeling system and that you attach corresponding number labels or colored labels on all doors of every room in your new house. This way, they’ll know where to place the boxes. Lastly, keep your master labeling list somewhere safe. If possible, make copies, take a picture, or e-mail it to yourself just in case you can’t find your hard copies.
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