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How to Prepare Your Little One for a Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborns change so quickly during the first several weeks of life. As a parent, you obviously want to capture your little one’s features so you could treasure this fleeting moment forever. The thing is, these first several weeks could also be a time of adaptation, discovery and recovery that you might be thinking twice if your little one can take on a newborn photo shoot. Before you book a photo shoot with your newborn photographer in Utah, below are some simple tips to help make certain that you pull off a successful shoot without too much stress and hassle on everyone involved, especially your little one.

When Should You Do The Newborn Photo Shoot?

Generally speaking, most photographers recommend that you do a newborn photo shoot before your baby is two weeks old. Past this stage, babies are typically more alert and might look different than two weeks earlier.

How to Prepare Your Little One for The Photo Shoot

Some advance prep and planning could go a long way towards making sure that you and your baby are comfortable and prepared for the demands of the shoot. Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • A styled photo session is best done as early as possible, as mentioned above, before two weeks old to make the entire session easier on everyone.
  • Try to keep your little one awake for an hour or two before the session if you want to capture him sleeping snugly. If you want your little one awake for the shoot, make sure he’s well rested and fed so that he won’t become cranky.
  • Most photographers have props for styled shoots, but consider bringing some accessories if you have props you want to use in the shoot.
  • Don’t bring too many costume changes. If you must use multiple accessories, clothes, or props, they must be easy to use or add and removed.
  • If you prefer to shoot at home, make certain the temperature in the room you’re shooting in is warm enough for your little one. Likewise, ensure that there’s ample natural light for softer and natural-looking photos.
  • Consider playing some womb sounds or white noise during the shoot to calm your little one.

Manage Your Expectations

newborn snuggled in blanket Pulling off a newborn photo shoot isn’t easy. Be ready to calm, feed, and clean poop in between clicks. This is why it’s immensely vital that you discuss any requirements, expectations, or concerns with your photographer beforehand. Discuss the specific approach or style you want for the shoot, the requirements and expectations of the photographer from you, and the focus of the photo shoot. For instance, do you want the shoot to be just about your little one? Perhaps you want some shots to include the siblings and the entire family? Most of all, don’t stress yourself out too much. Regardless of the results of the shoot, I promise that it will turn out great if you plan beforehand. Plus remember that your little one is very attuned to your feelings, meaning stressed out momma equals stressed out baby.
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