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How to Live a Happy Life through Simplicity and Thrift

Financial Freedom in RivertonIt always makes more sense to live a thrifty lifestyle than a flamboyant one that can leave you broke in a few years. Other than reducing the possibility of financial problems in the future, a simple and thrifty lifestyle can also keep you healthy. Here are some ways to transform your life into one that’s happier, wiser, and more rewarding.

Don’t buy anything you don’t need

The trick is to leave your credit cards at home and bring only the cash you need. It will lessen the temptation to buy something on impulse. Many people find it hard to resist thinking about something they think they need, but in reality, it’s useless. That’s because they travel with cards and more cash than they’re supposed to.

Shop around before actually buying

When you need something, or think you need something, shop around first. Go to the mall to look at the items you want, but don’t carry cash or a credit card with you. When you find what you want, go home and think about it some more. This will give you time to have shopper’s guilt first, which may discourage you from going out again to buy things. Shell out cash only when you’re 100% sure about the item you found.

Refinance your mortgage

To lower the amount that you have to pay monthly, The Mortgage Partner Inc recommends refinancing your mortgage in Provo. This means you are asking your financing company to re-compute your mortgage so that your payments become smaller. Even if it also means the process may take longer, at least your monthly budget won’t be strained.


Repurposing old items will help you avoid buying new things all the time. For example, instead of buying rags, repurpose your old and unused shirts. Instead of buying new pots for your indoor plants, reuse old coffee mugs or large plastic bottles. Paint empty cans and turn them into multi-purpose containers.

Buy secondhand

There are items you should buy used if you don’t want to throw away money. These include furniture, tools, books, and even cars. Cars lose value every year, but when you buy a secondhand ride, you avoid all the heartbreaking depreciation. There are many ways to live a frugal and simple life. It’s really just a matter of decision-making and conviction. Save money now and avoid financial troubles in the future. You might even learn to avoid discontent, so you’ll live a happier life.
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