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How to Launch a New Dish in Your Restaurant

Deciding on what to put in your restaurant's MenuBestsellers are the lifeblood of a restaurant business. However, sticking to a fixed menu without ever changing it is a recipe for disaster. These days, innovative and unique dishes attract customers, especially millennials who are the top food spenders. If you’re about to launch a new recipe in your business, here are three ways to make sure you get the word out:

Visuals Make the Launch

While taste and service are the pillars of the food business, having the right visuals can make or break a marketing campaign for a new dish. When planning a dish launch, make sure that you consider presentation. For example, desserts, cold cuts, and pastries look fresh and delicious when inside deli display equipment. Hire a professional photographer and videographer to take some photos and videos of your place. You can use these things to market the new dish online.

Social Media Is Your Best Friend

These days, it’s normal for people to look up a restaurant on social media before going to the actual place. Make sure you use great photos and interesting descriptions when posting about your food offerings. It also pays to spend a bit of money on promoting social media posts to spread the word on your new dishes. A launch promo can also help spread the word and get new customers into the restaurants.

Food Deals Are In

Regular customers always have go-to menu items. However, you should still recommend your new dishes to them. You can create promos that include your best-selling items. Group deals and free sample-size servings can work in your favour. Introducing a new dish is exciting for any restaurant owner. It’s a sign of more better things to come. The anticipation of how new customers and regulars react to new offerings is very exciting. Follow these tips to make the most out of it!
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