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How to Establish a Strong Brand

Building a solid brand image is crucial when it comes to new businesses, but it’s not always easy. It is one of the biggest growing pains of new companies, especially in a highly competitive environment like the jewelry market. Nevertheless, when done correctly, brand building is one of the most effective catalysts to success. Here are some of the best ways you can build a strong brand image for your new jewelry business:

1. Determine your short-term and long-term goals

Before you look into jewelry retouching and other details of your new business, establish your short-term and long-term goals first. What do you want to achieve in the first few months of operations? What goals do you want to reach in the long run? What are the parameters to determine if you’ve reached these goals? In this way, you can better determine what you need to do to achieve your objectives, both in the short-term and long-term. This makes it easier for you to come up with a solid business plan that will, in turn, help you build your brand.

2. Identify your target audiences

Think about who your target audiences are among customers, employees, and potential partners. Who do you want to connect with, and which demographic do they belong to? For example, if your main products are wedding rings, your target audience should primarily consist of women within the marrying age, as well as employees who belong to the same demographic so they can relate to your customers. Identifying your specific target audiences helps you build your brand image around a concept that will appeal to them. Going with the example above, if your target audience is women between the ages of 25 to 35, your logo, website design, and other imagery should revolve around what is attractive to that group.

3. Build your brand persona

What is your brand’s personality? What values and attributes should this persona showcase to your audience? How does your persona interact with others? Building a persona allows your brand to represent itself with something that can relate to customers, as opposed to an emotionless “brand account” voice that does not appeal to the public. Spend enough time creating the right type of persona for your brand. Over time, this persona will build valuable and lasting relationships with your customers as well as business partners.

marketing group4. Invest in high-quality designs

We’re talking about logos, headers, packaging material, and other media that you need for your jewelry business. Since these are the “faces” of your brand, it makes perfect sense to invest in high-quality designs that will make your brand look more legitimate. So, don’t scrimp on this aspect of your brand image. If you want a “face” that will attract your target audiences, look for a designer that can deliver–albeit that may charge a higher fee. Establishing a strong brand image for a jewelry business is the best way to compete against thousands of other brands that are selling almost the same things that you do. However, building a trustworthy brand requires effort and dedication. So if you want your brand to start strong, these are the steps that you can take first.
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