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How to Create a Winning Sports Marketing Campaign

Working in the world of business requires you to be aggressive and competitive. These two are crucial factors if you want to attract your business’ target customers. Meanwhile, sports have united fans from all over the world. They can either be found watching live shows in major sports venues or are glued to their televisions at home to watch their favorite sports teams compete in real time. Given these fans’ dedication and passion, this gives sports marketing services in AZ the opportunity to help brands reach their target audiences. That said, it is important to be able to create a winning marketing strategy intended for these passionate sports fans.

1. Determine the business’ mission and vision.

There are a lot of brands vying for customers’ attention. However, knowing what your business is all about will help put everything in place. The company’s mission and vision statements will create the entire framework of the marketing plan. Without it, the marketing plan can go into waste no matter how much budget you put into it.

2. Create a SWOT analysis.

SWOT is a basic management term that refers to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Businesses should be able to identify their respective strengths as well as what puts them into an advantage over their other competitors, and vice versa. They should also determine what potential threats they might face in the future (e.g., a competitor acquiring the latest equipment or technology for their production line). Lastly, a business should know potential opportunities they can utilize in order to achieve their business objectives (e.g., the brand acquiring the latest technology first instead of the competitor).

3. Identify your target audience.

Your target audience refers to a specific group of individuals where you intend to communicate your brand message. In sports marketing, finding your target audience will also depend on the type of sport they are into. For example, the average age of NBA viewers is around 42 years old. A separate report also revealed that almost 30 percent of FIFA World Cup fans around the world ranged from 16 to 24 years old. These data will give brands an idea of where they can reach their target audiences.

4. Create a powerful message and choose the right channels.

Woman sharing social media post Your message should be strong enough to be embedded in the minds of your target audience. As they say, simplicity is key if you want your target audience to remember you for a long time. Social media has been utilized by a lot of brands nowadays and are deemed effective in reaching their target audience. Whether you choose to promote via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it is important to stick to your business objectives and to keep your target market engaged with your brand.

5. Create your own events.

Some brands ventured into sponsorship events for easier brand recognition. For example, Rockstar Energy Drink was a popular brand sponsor for the mixed-martial arts organization, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This coming July, Rockstar is hosting its own music festival featuring popular and upcoming bands. That said, brand events such as fare a great way to reach to your target audience. Creating a winning sports marketing strategy can ensure brand success. These include identifying your target audience and where you can find them. At the same time, you should also utilize various distribution channels so you can relay your brand message effectively.
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