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Chili peppers

How Mexican Restaurants Can Spice Up Your Life (And Health!)

Chili peppersNot everyone likes spicy food. Even then, many people go for Mexican cuisine because it is tasty and homey. In Springfield, Mexican restaurants that serve mild to spicy food are the best of both worlds. However, you might want to go for more spice the next time you order enchiladas. Spicy food has a ton of health benefits. Here are just three of them to convince you.

To Lose Weight

Studies show that capsaicin, the stuff that puts the kick in spicy food, speeds up your metabolism. This means you burn more calories than if you ate something that was not spicy. Hot chilies or jalapeno also add flavor to food, so you can enjoy the bland dishes allowed in your diet more. This can help you stick to it more faithfully. Finally, eating something spicy before getting to the main dish usually means you will eat less. All of these can lead to weight loss over time.

To Reduce Heart Disease Risks

People that regularly eat spicy food tend to have fewer heart problems than those that do not. Researchers believe capsaicin helps in keeping bad cholesterol levels down. This means less clogging or narrowing of those arteries. Capsaicin might also reduce inflammation around the heart. Adding chilies to your meals can help keep your heart healthy.

To Prevent Cancer

Cancer studies show that capsaicin is the enemy of some cancer cells. It can kill off leukemia cells, at least. Non-spicy spices can also help with this. The curcumin in turmeric, for example, seems to slow down the growth of cancer tumors. If you like mustard or curry, turmeric is what gives it that vibrant yellow color. Add black pepper to your curry, and you make it a more powerful cancer buster. You will get the health benefits of spicy food over time. Make sure you have some at least a few times a week. Springfield Mexican restaurants are not the only places you can get spicy food. However, they give some tasty options.
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