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How Content Marketing Has Changed the Rules of the Game

Content marketing is not a matter of whether you’re going to do it. It’s a matter of how and when you are going to start creating valuable and relevant content for your business’ website. Do you want more traffic to your website? Then better get on that computer and start typing relevant topics that will appeal to your target audience. Honestly, your target market is no longer interested in generic topics. They want information that’s relevant to what they are looking for. One thing that you need to do first is to hire an SEO company in Winnipeg or in whichever area you’re operating. It is best to partner with a company that’s easily accessible to you because SEO is a tricky strategy to implement.

Sharing Valuable Information

Back in 1992, before the proliferation of social media and blogging sites, Kraft Foods launched its website where they posted recipes, cooking tips, and other food-related content. The aim is to provide a platform for their customers to know more about their products and how to use them in the kitchen. In 2005, they launched a YouTube channel. At that time, social media was slowly creeping into the public’s consciousness. Kraft was also one of the first companies to notice Pinterest and how customers are sharing their recipes on it. The next thing you know, they’ve added a Pin It button on their website, making it easier for them to monitor who and how many are sharing their recipes. This also lets them know what customers are saying about their products and what they are looking for.

Listening to Customers

business meeting Whole Foods has also been great in using content marketing to listen to their customers. As a result of the interactions they had with their customers, the company realized that its customers’ needs, wants, and concerns vary from region to region. They then launched initiatives based on customer feedback and observation—to respond to these needs. Aside from creating region-specific social media accounts, Whole Foods also have dedicated Twitter accounts for different topics and grocery-store categories. They have an account for meat, cheese, and others. This allows customers to reach out to a specific account regarding their concerns. While some may fear that this strategy will result in a disjointed marketing campaign, Whole Foods was successful in making the process seamless. The accounts help each other by pointing the customers to the right segment to handle their concerns and feedback. There is competition among region-based social media accounts, but it’s all friendly and healthy. Because of this strategy, the company can create content that’s specific to the market they have in mind. Instead of addressing the blogs to a general audience, their content is now more streamlined and better focused. These two strategies should help your business provide the experience that your customers seek. By providing valuable information and listening to their feedback, you are addressing the two main components of good customer experience. Barring scandals and issues that are out of hand at times and following these two methods can bring your content marketing to greater heights.
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