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Website’s Terrible Conversion Rates

High Traffic, Low Conversion: What’s Wrong with Your Website?

Website’s Terrible Conversion RatesIt takes an excellent website to stand out from the crowd, and you understand this completely. This is why you invested in professional web design services, optimised for search engines, and perhaps even started a PPC campaign or two. These efforts have paid off, and you are now seeing a steady amount of traffic… the only problem is that nobody seems to be buying anything. If you are struggling with low conversion rates on a website with high traffic, you are probably feeling frustrated. Don’t worry, though, as this is a common problem that can usually be traced to one of three major causes.
Traffic Quality
Before anything else, you need to make sure that your website is attracting the right kind of traffic. Many website owners are thrilled when they see that thousands of people are visiting their pages every week – only to realise that most of these people rarely stay for more than a few seconds, and never return. Why is this happening? You may be targeting the wrong keywords, and attracting people who are not ready, willing, or able to purchase your products. Broad targeting may net you a large number of visitors, but this means that only a small percentage of them fit into your ideal customer profile. Remember that generating a high amount of traffic is just a means to an end; the most important metric is still your bottom line.
Landing Page Optimisation
If your traffic source is not the problem, then perhaps the landing page needs an overhaul. Any good web design company in Australia can attest to the power of a well-made landing page, and tell you of how a few minor changes will often yield huge results. A few of the most common problems in this category include:
  • Lack of CTAs
  • Cluttered web design
  • Poor or unpersuasive content
  • Low quality images and videos

Have an expert look at your landing page for an unbiased opinion of what you could improve, and then split test any changes.

Branding and Trust
Sometimes the problem is actually quite simple: your potential customers just don’t trust you enough. Visitor confidence is still the most important factor in making a sale, especially on the Internet. If so, the efficient use of testimonials, guarantees, 3rd party certifications, and other trust signals can go a long way towards boosting your sales. At the end of the day, website performance is directly linked to how well you can meet a customer’s needs. Are you getting many mobile visitors? Investing in responsive web design is the key. Do customers have trouble finding your best offers? Then focus on improving navigation. Being adaptable is one of the most important traits on the Internet.
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