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Green Offices: Start With Eco-Friendly Printing

PrinterHaving your own printer, copier and computer setup is a requirement for any office. It’s also recommended you aim to go green with office systems and processes, including printing functions. To make your office environment-friendly, think about inexpensive but effective changes.
Change to Recycled Paper
Not only does this require that you re-use documents with print on one side only, this also means looking for copy or printer paper made from recycled materials. Ask your supplier if they offer recycled paper that won’t ruin your equipment. Remember that not all kinds of paper are copier or printer-friendly. Consult your printer manufacturer to know what kind of recycled paper they recommend. Contact the HP, Brother or Fuji Xerox printer service centres, depending on the brand you have.
Energy Efficient Software
There are parts of a website page you don’t need to print out. The amount of ink wasted when printing unnecessary parts or pages adds up to wasted resources. Thanks to a number of free printing programs online, you avoid printing unneeded parts.
Turn Off When Not In Use
Everyone has a tendency, when in a corporate rush, to neglect turning off appliances after use. The creation of the standby mode, where a small red light flashes to show the machine is sleeping, is the supposed solution to not having the time to properly turn off anything electronic. Take the time to turn off your printer or copier after each printing job, especially if there’s no one else to use the equipment or it’s already the end of the work shift. Energy used by a ‘sleeping’ appliance still costs money. Having a green office means you save on energy in whatever form and amount, and that includes electricity use. Though it’s nice if your office can afford to buy energy-efficient and eco-friendly copiers and printers, that’s not the only way to conserve resources. Save energy whenever you can. And when your budget allows for the purchase of green printers, don’t hesitate.
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