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Getting Divorced Can Be Quite Liberating

Unlikely as it might seem getting a divorce might be the best thing that happened to you. Especially if you’re currently involved with an emotionally abusive partner who enjoys making your life miserable at every turn. It might seem unlikely, but visiting Suffolk County divorce lawyers might be the first step to the rest of your life. See, it’s better, infinitely better to be alone than to be in an abusive or unhappy marriage. Most people hesitate to call it quits on their unhealthy relationships due to the fear of starting over. While there’s no denying it that a divorce can be a painful affair, it also comes with a silver lining. It gives you a chance to start over and take control of your life.

Peace of mind

People in unhealthy relationships often feel like they are walking on eggshells around their partners, especially when a partner has anger issues. You’re always one step removed from anger burst or an angry tirade that lasts for days. The recurrence of such problems often takes a toll on your mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Research shows that emotional abuse is just as dangerous as emotional abuse. Over time, you’re likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, guilt, and insomnia. People in such relationships are often socially withdrawn due to plummeting self-esteem levels. Cutting ties with an emotionally abusive partner gives you a chance at rebuilding your life. For that to happen, you must eliminate the source of these woes. As with any effective treatment method, you need to get to the root of the problem to get the best cure.

Focus on your health

At the mention of PTSD or post-traumatic disorder, most people think of battle-scarred soldier returning from war overseas. However, that’s not always the case, PTSD is a medical condition that affects anyone exposed to a highly stressful situation for too long. Constant exposure to a threatening situation elicits a chemical change in the brain. When that happens, you will have a heightened sense of danger, which damages your flight and fright response. Since it’s driven by some changes in the brain PTSD illicit some behavioral changes that affect the way you behave and conduct yourself. These changes make it challenging to lead a healthy life, relate to people, or even hold down a job. Sometimes people suffering from such trauma don’t take good care of their health and wellbeing. Cutting out the stressors and seeking proper help and treatment put you on course to recovery. As with any mental issues, patience is critical when walking the long road to recovery.

Focus on chasing your dreams

woman in side the coffee shop with a laptop In additional to being emotionally abusive, some spouses are also quite controlling and restrictive. People in such unions find it increasingly difficult to pursue their dreams or engage in an activity they enjoy. Cutting off ties in such a relationship affords you the liberty to chase after your dreams. In the absence of a gaslighting partner, you can finally put in for that promotion, transfer, or go back to school. It gives you the leeway to escape from a job you held just to pay the bills and put food on the table. You can finally pursue a career of your owning choosing and one that fills your days with joy and happiness.
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