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Diamond-studded rings

Get the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Woman

Diamond-studded ringsFor a man who doesn’t have any clue about jewellery, finding the best ring to give his woman is one hard task to complete. The busy street of Hatton Garden in the Holborn district of the London Borough of Camden is just one of the go-to places for people searching for engagement rings. As for the ring, here are some guides you can use to find the right ring for your lady.


Many believe that the ring’s price value defines how much your woman means to you. In reality, men find budget as the most significant factor when deciding to buy the perfect engagement ring. If money is not a problem, then move on to the next tip. But if it is, the solution is to look for a jewellery store that offers flexible payment options and financing.

The 4Cs

You should know how diamonds are graded, the 4C’s: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. A diamond with fewer hues are considered rarer, thus explains its high value. Learn more about diamond colour. The way a diamond is cut shows the brilliance of how it reflects light. The clarity of a diamond is distinguished by the absence of structural imperfections or cloudy appearance. Lastly, the carat weight of a diamond is determined by much it weighs (in terms of milligrams).

Ring Metal

The overall look of an engagement ring is also affected by the type of metal you choose, with platinum and white gold as the most popular choices. Because of its physical characteristics, platinum could costs at least 50 percent more than white gold. Other top options are yellow gold, and rose gold.


Remember, you’re not the one who will wear the engagement ring, so better choose the style that perfectly fits your woman. To keep the element of surprise, ask her siblings or best friend. If you want to keep the surprise to yourself, go shopping with her, casually stroll along some jewellery stores and then observe. Knowing all these things brings you steps closer to getting that perfect engagement ring even before you enter a jewellery store. For additional suggestions, gain more insights from the jewellers themselves.
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