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From Sketch to Video: Using Storyboards for Video Production

Films and even corporate videos do not happen. It takes a village to turn this vision into a reality. While the critical people in such projects include the producers and the directors, storyboard artists also contribute a lot to the production process. They create storyboards, which are sketches or hand-drawn frames of the scenes that you are going to shoot. If you are a client who’s new to this concept, you must understand that storyboards are like comics or vignettes of the scenes that may even contain the dialogue. The directions for the actors and the camera angles are also noted in this material. If you still want to learn more about this part of the production process, you are reading the right article. Take the following into account whether you are working on a corporate video or a short film. Storyboards help you organize your visions and ideas Some directors may use a shot list or a list of sequences that needed to be shot. But some production services of corporate videos and producers enlist the help of a storyboard artist. Conveying the idea behind a scene or frame can be challenging to explain in words, thus the need for visuals. In essence, storyboards make sure that everyone involved in the project knows how the scenes will unfold.

They help you save time

Sketching a storyboard may take some time, though it depends on how well you visualize and explain the scene. But you will realize that you can save a lot of time during the day of the shoot. Because the camera angles have been decided and the scenes have been described, the director can shoot the frames more easily and quickly. Storyboards keep you and the production house on the same page Storyboards may only be sketches, but they help you prevent misunderstandings and conflicts. Storyboards keep everyone on the same page, as everything that should be drawn must be decided together by the client and the director. Through storyboards, the client understands the scenes well and the processes involved in how to execute a particular vision.

They help you minimize mistakes

Cast and crew of production at work A detailed storyboard not only makes sure that you and the production house are on the same page. But it also enables you to avoid errors due to some indecision. Remember, the storyboard serves as an agreement between you and the production house. It is your guide throughout the filming and ensures that you will not miss anything. Re-editing a material because you have missed something during the shoot can be expensive. Storyboards are your guide or compass that will direct you to what will happen in your materials. Looking at it may feel like you are reading a graphic novel. This will also help in minimizing the number of mistakes during the shoot. Furthermore, it will make you realize the amount of labor that goes into video production. A lot of people behind the scenes want to make your creative vision happen, and a storyboard artist is one of them.
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