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Freelance Workers in the US May Reach 42M People by 2020

millennials at workMore people in the U.S. will decide to switch from traditional employment to freelancing work by 2020, due to a changing perception among Americans when it comes to a successful career. Based on a FreshBooks survey, millennials will account for as much as 42 million Americans that will work on a freelance basis in the next two years. This indicated that the gig economy no longer seems a far-fetched source of income.

Path to Success

FreshBooks CEO Mike McDerment attributed the expected change to a shift in belief that “a successful career means climbing the corporate ladder.” The company based its survey on more than 2,700 full-time workers about their future career plans. If you have been contemplating about doing freelance work, this year marks a new trend of doing so. Some advantages of being a freelancer include setting your schedule and even choosing to have a vintage office desk from Urban95 at home, which is unlikely if you still work for a corporate office.

Freelancing Trends

Freelancing work seems attractive for those that want to avoid the morning commute, but there are important drawbacks to this profession. Lack of financial security, for instance, will require you to take on other jobs during lean periods. The average income also amounts to around $30,000 per year, so think carefully before doing freelance work if you have a family. Despite the challenges, this employment set-up will work best if you try to focus on the advantages of freelance work. You have a chance to become your own boss, choose where you work and what type of jobs that align with your interests.


Like any other job, freelancing involves some form of risk, and it is not an easy route. Are you willing to trade financial security for a job that no longer involves having a boss?
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