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For Hire: How to Find the Right Engineer

It is every company owner or manager’s duty to find the right people to hire for every single position. Doing so will help the business prosper but of course, you have to make sure that you will be getting the right person for the role. Below, we will discuss a couple of ways you can attract and hire the right engineer. Getting help from a specialist engineering recruitment agency will definitely help you, but knowing what you should do to attract the right applicants will definitely help you with your headhunting.

Answer Questions ASAP

The faster and more consistent you are with answering applicant’s questions, the higher your chances will be when it comes to finding the right engineer for the post. You do not have to dedicate all of your time on it, though — just one hour a week is enough. If you truly want to answer the questions as soon as possible, then it would be best to hire someone else — perhaps an HR — to do it for you.

Create Guest Posts

Reach out to bloggers and ask them if they can post an article you or your content specialist made in exchange for some kind of deal. This way, the aspiring engineers will see your content and become curious about you and your company. You have to make sure that your content is engaging, though, or else all of your efforts will just go down the drain. You can also post on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Give a Talk

seminar talk If someone asks you to give a talk about your company or even about a specific topic or niche that you are interested in, then always grab the opportunity. You would be surprised at how many people will actually come to you and compliment you about your talk or just about your knowledge of the topic. You would be able to meet new people this way, which will widen your pool of candidates.

Challenge the Crowd

Good engineers are always up for a good challenge, which is why you should try and create one for the crowd. Some websites such as Dropbox, Quora, and Stripe will allow you to come up with challenges of your own, but you also have the choice to go for their default challenges. This will lead to great exposure and even some type of professional relationship with the people that are interested in it.

Use Your Website

Candidates would most likely visit your website before applying to see what the company is all about. You can try to capture their attention by hiding some gems in there and seeing if they’ll be able to see it. You can try playing with the website’s coding and such, and if a candidate catches it, then you’d know that you’ve found the right candidate (or even the right person for the job)! There are lots of ways to attract the right candidate, but you have to be patient when choosing and funnelling through the crowd. Just be careful and attentive with choosing and you will be on your way to hiring the right engineer that your company has never seen before!
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