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Farming Business 101: How to Create a Business Plan

Planning could make all the difference to the success of your farming business. Having a solid business plan would help you convey what your farm would look like and better plan for economic sustainability, which is a must for all types of businesses. It would likewise increase your chances of obtaining the necessary funding through small farm loans from so that you could purchase the resources that you’ll need to get your farming business up and running. This might seem intimidating and overwhelming, but taking it one step at a time would make everything more manageable. To start, your business plan should include the following:

Your Mission Statement

You should be able to answer questions such as what’s your farm’s purpose and where it’s headed? Keep in mind that your mission statement must be based on your farm’s core identity and values.

Your Business Goals

This should include your short-term and long-term business goals. They must be specific, realistic, measurable, complete, and actionable.

Your Background Details

Look at your current inventory and consider the following: when you started farming, your farm’s location, the size of your farming land, your operations, as well as general practices you implement for environmental impact, marketing, tillage, and conservation.

Your Farming Strategy

In this section, you need to formulate the strategy of your farm starting from now and into the years to come.

Your Marketing Plan

Include how you’re going to market your services and products and include why you think your plan will work.

Your Management

This is where you detail the business structure of your farm, including external resources and the individuals involved in managing your business.

An Accurate Financial Analysis

This should include detailed information about your operation’s financial aspect, including current finances such as operating costs and income. You should also ideally include a financial forecast of what you think you’ll need for future expansion. Creating a solid business plan is a huge undertaking, but you could do it with ample planning and research. Do your due diligence and research trends and potential competitors, and don’t forget to analyze current market conditions.
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