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Factors to Consider When Looking for a Commercial Roofing System

Man installing the insulationsIt is time to get a new roof, and while shopping around for a roof, roof experts advise you to get a sustainable roof. So, what is a sustainable roof and what is it all about? The term sustainable roof means different things to different people. One common ground is that a roof has to save money and energy for it to be sustainable. Some of the things you need to look into when getting a sustainable commercial roofing here in Lancaster, PA include:


An energy efficient roof reduces energy usage and lowers the expense on utility bills. An energy efficient roof for your premises will depend on your local climatic conditions. EPDM single-ply roofing membrane is a suitable roofing solution regardless of the variation in climate conditions. You can add a white ply membrane to make the roofs of buildings in hot areas more efficient.


A leaky roof is in most cases the cause of mold growth and damaged interior surfaces. Creating a routine maintenance regime for your roof will add days to your life and maximize the return on your investment.


The R-value indicates the insulation properties of any material. The R-value expresses how resistant a material is to the transfer of heat through itself. A roof is a barrier between the inside and outside world and the insulation properties are worth to consider. A sustainable roof should have a higher R-value for better insulation properties.


Condensation is the process where warm air from a room turns into liquid once it reaches the cold iron sheets. Therefore, internal conditions of a room will affect the lifespan of its roofing system. Before getting a new roof or a roof replacement, consider how the conditions of your building will impact your roof. Creating a good working environment can mean making a little adjustment to your roofing system. When choosing a commercial roofing contractor, ensure that they have the expertise to access your commercial roofing needs and help you select the appropriate roofing system.
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