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Excessive Moisture in Buildings and its Health Implications

Moisture in a glass window of the buildingIt is important for people to be exposed to a certain level of moisture in the air. However, when a building’s indoor air has too much moisture, it may result in the development of health and safety threats. For instance, excessive dampness often leads to mould growth, which then results to potential health concerns, especially those affecting the respiratory system. It can also cause building safety hazards, as these microorganisms eat away at the structure’s components. At the first sign of excess moisture in certain areas of the home, it pays to ask professionals from trusted companies such as M&E Maintenance Solutions Ltd to check the ventilation in these spots.

Moisture in Excess: How it Takes Place

Knowing how excessive moisture levels take place is key to its prevention. Building owners, whether of residential or commercial structures, should know that water that is not supposed to be present is one of the greatest contributors to this indoor air concern. While natural disasters such as heavy rains and storms can lead to indoor flooding that results in water damage, there are many other events that can give rise to the same problem. A perfect example is a malfunctioning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. A fault in the HVAC unit can cause the dehumidifier to malfunction as well, resulting in airflow supply and return imbalances. As a result, high levels of condensation occur inside the building, which increase moisture in the air.

How Excess Moisture Gives Rise to Health Concerns

It is imperative that you contact a building repair and maintenance professional as soon as you notice problems with your HVAC system. Failure to do so will pose health risks to occupants, as moulds can start growing and spreading. People constantly exposed to these microorganisms, especially those who already have weak respiratory functions, can suffer from more frequent bouts of allergies and asthma attacks. Even when everyone in the building has good health, the fact that moulds can weaken its structural components already warrant immediate addressing. By enlisting the help of trusted maintenance professionals, you can mitigate any future problems.
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