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Engagement Etiquette: Pointers For Proposing Properly

Marriage Proposal in Cottage GroveProposing takes some semblance of courage. It also helps if the setting is right and there’s an element of surprise and suspense involved. Why not try to impress them by proposing in an entirely different setting or circumstances? When to Propose – Timing is very important as your partner may not be in the right mindset for this. Look for the telltale signs, such as talking about long-term goals, future children, settling down and growing old together. Also, find time to feed and entertain your future bride before saying anything. Besides, you would need some time to scrounge up enough brevity to see the task through. Most importantly, do not forget to buy the ring first before setting anything up. Where to Propose – There’s been a present rise of publicly-declared proposals and many are left amazed or aghast. Some view it as the ultimate romance novel dream-come-true, while others see it as an invasion of privacy while putting the intended recipient under a great deal of scrutiny and stress. However, if you want middle ground, why not spend a day in The Haunted Ground, one of Minnesota’s Halloween attractions and then propose to her when you’re in a more private place? There’s no better way to spend Halloween than this. What if They Say No? – This is a common fear for many future grooms, but it can happen. When they say no, don’t get offended at once. Ask them why and do try to understand their point of view. Take note whatever it is they say and think up of ways to solve their issues. Besides, if you do love each other, being rejected is just a small hindrance to a marriage that you want to last “’till death do you part”. You don’t need to follow conventions when proposing, but you should decent and understanding. However it turns out, remember that your new life together begins with the question “Will you marry me?” You just need to find the right time, place and way to say it properly to get a better chance at a positive answer.
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