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Effective Hacks to Boost Your Social Media Reach

Your social media campaigns are only as effective as the number of followers you have. With tough competition in social media to get customer’s time and attention, it is a challenge to acquire more fans and followers for businesses. How to you get prospective customers to follow you, so you can subsequently work on audience interaction and retention? Here are some strategies to increase your following on social media: 

Promos and Giveaways

Nielsen survey has pointed to the fact that 52 percent of people are following brands so that they can be notified about special promotions and offers, and 33 percent users follow for receiving freebies. This means establishments can use the power of promotions and freebies to connect with their target audience, and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors. Ask existing customers to share your contest with their followers and friends to participate and win prizes. Word will spread quickly, and your followers will be happy to win prizes while you win a few more followers. If things get difficult, digital marketing expert says it’s best to hire an expert to properly manage your campaign. 

Add Easy Social-Sharing Buttons to Your Content

You must leverage the power of your website audience for gaining more followers by allowing them easy access to social sharing buttons. Place it prominently on the content page, so people wanting to share it with their friends or followers do have much trouble looking for it. If their followers loved your content, they’ll become fans or subscribers too and in turn, share the content further. This way your reach spreads wider than your existing audience base to include more like-minded followers.

Create Valuable Content

Share content that has great value for your audience. You need to make it worth their while to follow you. If you don’t keep them happy enough with useful content, they’ll most likely unfollow you and that’s the end of the story. Grab their attention with interesting headlines, compelling visuals to accompany the content and well-researched content. Sharing authoritative and useful content makes your followers look smart and well-informed. As a result, they will willingly share anything they find useful for their friends and followers.
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