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Digital Marketing Channels Your Business Should Tap in a Pandemic

The current pandemic has affected economies and businesses all over the world. With changes happening due to the outbreak, consumers are behaving differently as well. Digital marketing channels have emerged, evolved, and expanded to counteract the effects. Because selling in person is limited and challenging, companies that depended on face-to-face meetings or demonstrations are transitioning to digital marketing channels such as online lead generation and pay-per-click ads. In this blog post, we discuss digital marketing channels businesses need to integrate into their operations to adapt to the new normal.

Content Marketing

Due to the cancellation of events promoting brands, products, or services, you need to extend your marketing tactics using online content like social media and blog posts. Many businesses have diverted their budget into content marketing to reach more customers. They can provide value through relevant information for clients without hard selling.

Content Marketing Actions

Here are ways you can enhance your content marketing to engage with more clients and generate leads.

1. Analyze and Evaluate Current Strategy

If you have been doing content marketing, look for ways to elevate your strategy. You must learn what type of content works for your business. Are your potential customers more active on specific platforms? Do they prefer reading long-form articles or short videos?

2. Improve Your Blog

Blogging provides an opportunity to promote your business by giving information to your target audience. The blog content must be relevant not just to your business but also to your target audience.

3. Create Video Content

YouTube is widely used during the pandemic, with over 2 billion users. Through well-thought-out video content on your business’s YouTube channel, you can communicate with your customers and provide tips about your products or services.

Email Marketing

More companies are turning to email marketing services to keep in touch with their clients. You might opt to incorporate email marketing to inform people about new products and services, as well as any health guidelines you are following to ensure that these pose no danger to their health. More than just keeping in touch, you can communicate through email to build a relationship. As much as possible, personalize your emails to show that you are paying attention to their requests and demands. Here are some tips for engaging with your customer using email marketing:
  • Instead of only promoting your products or services, customers would appreciate it if you give them informative content.
  • Getting new clients is challenging during a pandemic, but you can email your existing clients about your referral program.
  • Send behavior-based emails where you can engage with people more likely to try your products or services. Show how you can help them in decision-making about their purchases.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing Because of the pandemic, people spend their time at home, using social media to consume information and connect with other people. And since people have more free time, the demand for valuable content is significantly high. Now is the best time to be more visible on social media platforms. It can be in the form of organic content or paid ads—what matters is that people can see you and engage with you.

Social Media Tips

To elevate your social media strategies, here are some pointers you should follow:

1. Promote Relationships

It is essential to engage with your audience and build relationships through social media. Through this, you can develop your credibility and strengthen your position. Simply sharing and offering relevant information can show you aren’t just interested in profiting from them—you actually care about them.

2. Show Empathy

People all over the world are experiencing strong emotions during these times. Double your efforts in showing compassion towards your customers. Post how this pandemic affected your business and what measures you have taken. By sharing this kind of content, you are more human and readers can better relate to you.

3. Try Influencer Marketing

Aside from paid ads, you can invest in influencer marketing. Influencers are people who have a large following on social media. Because people see influencers as inspiration, they are the best people to promote your products or services organically. In fact, influencer marketing has been proven to provide a higher return on investment.

4. Conduct Live Streams

By holding live streams, you can connect with your followers on social media in real-time. Make sure to allocate time and budget for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Live. You can also organize online gatherings where you can listen to the demands of your supporters.

Key Takeaways

Even in challenging times, ensure that you can reach your customers and create strong relationships with them. By investing in digital marketing strategies, you can attract new clients and retain old ones. Analyze your existing strategies and see what new techniques you can apply to enhance your sales.  
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