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Dealing with Wedding Planning Stress: What Should You Do?

A wedding is a significant occasion for couples. Planning this special day can be stressful, however, especially if you’re doing everything on your own. You need to make sure you’re getting all you need, from finding the perfect venue to choosing among several wedding video packages to suit your budget. All couples would want their wedding to be as perfect as possible. But as you go through the planning stage, expect to face a tremendous amount of stress.

Understanding the Stress Caused by Wedding Planning

Planning your big day would feel like doing a second job. You need to ensure you get every detail right while managing wedding vendors, your groom, your emotions, and family anxieties and demands, among others. The amount of stress, pressure, and expectations from the people around you can be overwhelming. Additionally, there could be too many people in the kitchen during the planning stage. Unless you and your partner will shoulder all the costs, your parents, future in-laws, and friends would have something to say. Apart from congratulations and gifts, expect to receive unsolicited advice, wedding horror stories, and other experiences you probably don’t need to hear from your loved ones. This is an opportunity for them to fulfill their own needs they start acting out things that are all about for them and not you. Wedding planning can also cause a crisis within your family. As you focus most of your attention to make everything right, you might lose track of yourself and why you’re getting married. When you realize planning your dream wedding will be a battle with your parents, friends, and partner, you can become hostile and reactive. Fighting to have a perfect wedding can be exhausting and it can make you cranky. Don’t spoil such a joyous occasion. You should know how you can handle your stress properly when planning your wedding.

Managing Wedding Planning Related Stress

Wooden plaque with the inscription Wedding Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is normal when planning a wedding. But there are ways you can prevent such stress from ruining your big day. You can reach out to therapists and counselors to help you deal with expectations that come with this kind of occasion. Landis Bejar, for instance, is a licensed mental health counselor based in the state of New York. She owns a company that offers therapeutic services to brides. These services cover finances, indecisiveness, and bringing two families of different backgrounds together, among others. Bejar explains her counseling services aim to help couples overcome issues unique to their situation. In an interview, she told Business Insider there’s a big emotional shift in identity that can create pressure despite being with your partner for 10 years. She recommends you shouldn’t let your family’s expectations determine your whole wedding. You should also find someone to help you “buffer” expected stressors, especially during the day of your wedding. A wedding is an important celebration that requires thorough planning. Most brides also have their dream wedding planned since they were young, so it’s crucial to get every detail right. In case you’re not ready or don’t want to stress out yourself before your big day, consider working with a professional wedding planner to reduce your burden. All you would want is to look radiant and beautiful as you walk down the aisle.
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