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Creating an Eco-Friendly Office in 3 Easy Ways

a man putting a thumbs up, behind him is a clean officeWith all the campaigns for sustainable use of the environment all around social media, phrases such as “go green”, “green office”, or “zero landfills” have become more common. Creating an eco-friendly workplace does not only help protect the planet; it is also a good way to reduce costs, enhance your business’s image and promote the well-being of your employees. Here are some easy ways to go green in your own office:

Change Wasteful Habits

Cleaning up your office goes beyond hiring waste collection services as part of your waste management program. You will have less trash to manage and more money to save by simply cutting down on your use of office supplies. Paper waste, for example, comprises the largest bulk of office waste. Encourage your people to make the most out of every sheet of paper they use; or better yet, go paperless altogether. You can likewise minimise solid waste by asking your employees to bring reusable eating utensils and reuse or recycle obsolete equipment that may just be collecting dust in your workspace.

Mind the Lights

Good lighting is essential to a conducive working environment, but there are environmentally friendly ways to brighten up your office. For example, you can use LED lights, which require less energy than the average light bulbs. You can save more energy by maximising the use of natural light and turning off the switch whenever the lights are not in use. Using satin or semi-gloss paint on your walls will also allow you to use bulbs that have a lower wattage and help illuminate your space better.


Establish a comprehensive recycling scheme for materials, such as plastic, batteries, cardboard, CDs and batteries. Colour-coded bins and containers for recyclable materials will help your employees to know where to put their trash. Examine the other materials in your waste stream and explore ways on how you can reuse and recycle them. Every organisation can do something to help promote a cleaner and healthier workplace. Sustainable practices might take time and effort at the start, but every step is worth it, as long as they are geared towards creating a greener environment for us and the future generations to enjoy.
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