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Create Compelling Facebook Ad Landing Pages

Social MediaDid you know that Facebook ads obtain billions of clicks every single year? This means that if you're not advertising on Facebook yet, you should start — right now.

However, there’s more to Facebook advertising than producing compelling ads; if you want to experience the most benefit, you’ll need equally compelling landing pages.

A landing page is the specific page that a user is directed to after clicking on your ad. So how do you make a captivating Facebook landing page?

User Experience is Everything

Consider the UX or user experience. To ensure that a user clicks on your Facebook ad, it should feature a convincing copy that emphasizes the benefits of investing in your product. It must also contain a clear call to action.

Keep the Visual Continuity

Pay attention to the design of your Facebook ads and the landing pages. When a user clicks on your ad and is directed to your landing page, they should see what they’re expecting to see. Both your ad and landing page must contain your product’s value or benefits, along with a compelling copy. The ad and landing page should feature the same offer, says a social media manager in Temecula.

Optimize for Mobile Use

The majority of Facebook’s billions of users typically log in to their accounts using their mobile device and rarely via their desktop. Put simply, if your Facebook ads are not optimized for mobile browsing, you could be throwing away billions of clicks from mobile users. Make sure your mobile-optimized ad loads fast, especially if it’s graphic heavy.

Always Remember This…

Although there are plenty of similarities between social marketing and search engine marketing, remember that you are the one searching for users when you run your Facebook ads. They’re not the ones searching for you. Design your ad campaign around user intent to boost your conversion rates.

While producing effective Facebook ads for your marketing campaign is vital, that’s only half the battle. The landing pages that accompany them need to be equally strong, or stronger, so users will be more than willing to convert. 

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