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Magnet Attracting Iron Powder

Cool Magnet Household Hacks

Magnet Attracting Iron PowderThe magnet is one of the underrated objects for a non-physics inclined person. But little did you know that magnets are among the most feisty objects ever created? A junkyard magnet should have strength of at least two teslas to pull a car completely. Imagine a magnet that can reach 100 teslas. It can easily pull on 50 cars at once. That is the Los Alamos magnet, the world’s most powerful magnet. But that doesn’t mean a small and less powerful magnet can’t do any good. Here are just a few cool hacks that might come in handy.

1. Stopping Your Car Lock From Freezing

Winter can be annoying, especially when it freezes off your car’s lock. You can prevent that by covering your car’s lock with a magnet. Be sure to get the right magnet size to cover the size of your car’s lock. It should shield it and give enough warmth.

2. Storage and Organization

Anything metallic sticks to a magnet. That includes pins, nails, and screws. Use a magnet to keep all those tiny things at bay and prevent it from scattering around. You can also use refrigerator magnets to keep an important note in place. These small pieces of magnetic products make sure you don’t forget to pay that bill. They are perfect giveaways as well. You can also seal your opened chip bag by placing magnets on opposite sides.

3. Fishing out Metal Objects in the Drain

Rather than sticking your hand down into the drain, use a magnet tied into a rope instead. This would also work fine on other tight and deep spaces.

4. Sealing Vents

Magnetic sheets can be used to seal vents of unused rooms. This will prevent cold or hot air from crossing the vents, helping you save much on heating costs.

5. Homemade Compass

Rub a pin across the magnet 50 times in the same direction then push that pin through a cork. Drop the cork into a bowl of water. The pin will always point north no matter what. This is because of the geomagnetic field or the earth’s natural magnetism. Bear in mind that magnets do lose their magnetism. It can be by age, heat exposure, or frequent and repeated impact. Now grab those little magnets and have a good use out of them. You’ll be surprised to find out what you can do with them.
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