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Business Talk: Determining the Next Step

The world of business is filled with promising opportunities. It also experiences continuous growth and development, making entrepreneurship an ideal pursuit. The statistics speak for themselves. For instance, Utah — the top state for business according to the MSN Money — prides itself with two bustling cities: Salt Lake City, which is ranked as the second top entrepreneurial capital in the United States by Inc. Magazine, and Ogden, northern Utah’s regional economic hub which generates $27.7 billion of annual Gross Metro Product. These remarkable figures only show that running a business is a venture worth trying out. Accordingly, if you have already entered the industry and are currently running a business, you’ll know by experience that entrepreneurship is indeed rewarding. Moreover, if you are one of those fortunate owners who have been operating their businesses for a long time, you may be trying to determine your next step. Well, lucky for you, because in this guide, we’ll supply you with three ideas on what to do after obtaining corporate success.

Expand your enterprise

When your business has already gained stability, you’ll need to handle business expansion, a stage that is characterized by both opportunities and threats. However, don’t be too hesitant about the perils of business growth because the increase in profitability often outweighs the risks. Plus, you can always maneuver against undesirable circumstances by creating and adhering to a concrete business plan. There are many ways to expand a business such as offering public stock ownership, providing franchising opportunities, licensing your company’s intellectual properties to third parties, exploring foreign markets, and opening new outlets and branches. Conduct extensive research and do some feasibility studies before you proceed to a specific course of action.

Cash-out your company

handshake You may be thinking: “Why would I consider selling my business in Ogden when it’s doing well?” However, just because your business is doing great at the present moment doesn’t mean that it has acquired immunity against economic instability. In fact, according to the Small Business Association, only 25% of businesses successfully make it to more than 15 years of operation. A business that had undergone substantial growth attracts more buyers and you can actually make a hefty amount from the sale transaction. Thus, if you want to cash out your business, the most ideal time to do it is while it’s experiencing consistent sales growth. But, do remember that you must be cautious when selling a business, especially if you’re dealing with a past competitor. Evaluate the strengths of your company and hire a professional to provide you with an accurate estimate of your enterprise’s market value.

Step down to a less demanding position

Okay, so you have already achieved financial security and built a lump sum of wealth. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about enjoying a less stressful life as you enjoy the fruits of your labor. According to John Brown, the founder of Business Enterprise Institute, stepping down from the head position can help you develop a more laidback lifestyle. In addition, if you are already nearing the age of retirement, you can take on a title that entails fewer management tasks and let the next generation take over. This is especially applicable to family-owned businesses. Owning and running a business allows you to attain multiple rewards, not just monetary but also career-related. However, you must know the next steps to take after achieving stability, and you can only do so by being well-planned and properly guided.
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