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Big Tech and Big Banks Are Going After Conservatives

The Orwellian nightmare is becoming a reality — at least for Conservatives. Social media platforms and financial institutions have begun implementing policies to silence and unperson Conservative voices.

Conservatives Should Have No Voice

It all started with Alex Jones. Infowars’ Alex Jones was the first Conservative unpersoned by social media. All of his online content and all the online discourse running in the comments’ section — purged by the internet technocracy. Jones was a divisive individual, and the character he played was prone to outrageous rants. His deplatforming caused minimal outrage. Encouraged by their actions and lack of perceived backlash, social media platforms soon banned more and more Conservatives. As of now, almost every prominent Conservative voice has some ban, suspension, restriction, or demonetization — while Antifa, cited as a local terrorist group by both the DHS and FBI, continues to have a platform to spread hate and violence towards Conservatives. The online tech giants have full control over your content if you use their platforms. Unless you have web capture software, all your content and all your subscriber’s comments can be gone with just a snap. Preserving your data is vital if you want to appeal a ban/suspension or even file a lawsuit.

No Money for the Right

This July, Mastercard will be holding a vote over whether or not they should withhold their services from Conservatives. This might be shocking, but it isn’t new. Chase Bank, Patreon, and PayPal have all withheld their services from Conservatives. More than just online deplatforming, the war on Conservative thought has leaked out of the internet and into the real world. It is genuinely Orwellian when even ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft deny their services to individuals who merely hold different opinions. Leftist activists always petition financial institutions to blacklist Conservatives, severing their source of income and forcing them off social media. Left-wing activists have even gone as far as to petition advertisers to boycott Fox pundit Tucker Carlson, going after a well-known mainstream media personality to test their clout.

The Fringe Dictating Policy

web capture software

Antifa had it right. Make enough noise and cause enough damage, and you can silence or ban the other party. More than 70 percent of Americans believe social media sites are unjustly censoring Conservatives, but the fringe Left has convinced Big Tech that they are the majority. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an organization that influences the policies of social media giants, has been known to smear people by throwing false charges of bigotry and racism. The SPLC has received multiple lawsuits and has been forced to apologize and pay millions of dollars in settlement. The Left knows that if they make enough noise, they can silence the voices of the Right.

Leftists don’t want Conservative voices just to be silenced; they want them to be denied of financial services as well. Republican politicians are only now seeing the problem, and even President Trump has admonished social media platforms as being biased and actively censoring Conservatives.

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