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Beyond Communication Skills: 3 Important Traits of a Telemarketer

TelemarketerWhen most people hear the words “call centers” or “BPO,” they immediately think about graveyard shifts and great communication skills. But, you would need more than just speaking abilities when working in a call center. Here are three very important skills you need to work in any of the renowned telemarketing companies in the Philippines.


Because most of the clients are located in countries with different time zones from the Philippines, most agents would be working during afternoons until the wee hours of the morning. Though there are people who are naturally nocturnal, most aren’t and are prone to sickness and fatigue if they work at night. Some contact centers would even request extra hours of work if an emergency arises, and many employees would grab the chance to earn a little extra.


As a telemarketer or a customer service handler, you will be receiving not-so-happy calls from customers who are impatient with their services, angry at their bill or just plain irritated at you for informing them about the new discounts being offered. Don’t let them get to your head. Remember, these are paying customers and they have a right to be angry if they’re not getting what they paid for. If you have anger management issues, you might have to rethink your career choice.


Every BPO industry keeps tabs on the number of agents on the phone at every minute, hour and day. These reports are sent to their clients. If tardiness and absenteeism bring the percentage of attendance below the allowable grid, the client’s payments to the company and your employer’s reputation are put on the line. Being reliable with your attendance and punctuality (which includes lunch and coffee breaks) will not only catch the attention of your superiors, but will assure you that your line of work is kept intact. These are three of the requirements of a good call center agent that many seem to ignore. And the more these are ignored, the more your work suffers and so does the company. If you intend to make it in the telemarketing industry, don’t just strive to be a good English speaker, but be an excellent worker. That way, you just don’t survive the job. You conquer it.
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