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Beat Export Costs with Valuable Benefits of Cardboard Pallet Bins

Man checking the cardboard pallet binsTransporting goods, especially those for sale internationally, require the best packaging system. It will ensure they arrive at their destination safe, whole and undamaged. Over the years, experts have been developing the best packaging form. The aim is reducing money losses due to inadequate packaging solutions. This is especially important for perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Cardboard is Boss

One such development is the cardboard pallet bin. It is a popular choice among exporters. They come in various forms suitable for the type of transport. Double-wall cardboard bins are stackable. They also fit on standard pallet systems of long-haul trucks and trains while triple wall cardboard bins are best for rail, air or sea transport. There are also types that have optional lids, sleeves, and caps.

Benefits of Cardboard Pallet Bin

  • Minimise multiple storage and repetitive shipping. Cardboard pallet bins maximise storage and transport space to accommodate more goods. It eliminates extra storage days and multiple smaller shipments.
  • Saves time and labour. Fewer boxes to pack means shorter time and fewer hands needed to organise the shipment. They also make for a more streamlined inventory management.
  • Customisable. Users can customize the make and grade of their cardboard pallet bins. This is accordance with the size and type of the product. The storage solution will meet the exact requirements for stacking, loading, and transport.
  • Export-ready. Just like heavy-duty wood-based export boxes, cardboard pallet bins meet the requirements of international export regulations.
  • Environment-friendly. They are paper-based. That means they are 100% biodegradable. This helps reduce the volume of landfill waste from packaging materials that are not recyclable or do not break down organically.
For transporting goods that require optimum product protection, cardboard pallet bins deliver the most suitable packaging solution. It retains product quality. It transports your precious items in their same appealing and highly marketable state from loading to delivery.
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