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Are You Storing Dog Food Right?

Woman hugging a dogYou have repeatedly gone from one website to another looking for the best online store for dog food in Australia. You are searching for the one that would give your dog the best taste and the most nutritional benefits. That is not all you should think about, however. How you store your pet’s food will also determine how your dog will get the nutrients from the meals you give. Here are the three basic rules for storing dog food:

Do not transfer the food to a container.

Freshness should be a priority when feeding your dog. When storing your dog food, look for a metal or plastic storage box with a tight lid and put the food bag in it. Do not pour the contents of the bag in the container. By design, the food bag should preserve food freshness and flavours. Also, the food packaging comes with details such as the expiration date and nutritional information, which are necessary that you note.

Find the right place to store the food.

Humidity and direct sunlight are your dog food’s enemies. Not only will the food go stale, but there are also chances of getting Therefore, you should store canned and dry food in a draught-free place.

Always seal the bag containing the dog food.

Leaving the package of your dog food open after use increases the chances of it going stale. So, ensure you seal the food container tightly every time you take out some food for your dog. That way, you protect the food from mould contamination and storage mites. Storage mites can cause rashes and skin allergies, and the mould is responsible for gastrointestinal issues. Correct storage of your pet food is as essential as getting quality dog food. The above three ways of storing your pet food will ensure your dog gets all the nutrients it needs.
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