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Alternative Education for American Students

The conventional American educational system requires a total of 12 years of primary and secondary school. The school calendar goes from September through June with a fixed daily schedule. A student’s academic achievement is based on their grade point average. Their GPA impacts their college admission. For some students, though, the traditional system does not work. It may be because a student has a longer learning curve. Other students may have other responsibilities, like a sports career or jobs. Such students may choose an alternative learning system.

Quality and Diversity: Charter Schools

Charter schools are autonomous public schools headed by an organization. They are exempted from education rules set by a district. In return, they are accountable for an innovative education designed to improve students’ academic success. In Surprise, some charter schools offer online classes and a flexible schedule. According to e-Institute, this kind of setup accommodates the individual learning pace. The growth of American charter schools is not caused by their non-traditional methods alone. Charter schools serve diverse student groups. A study by Arizona Charter Schools Association found that in Arizona charter schools, minority student groups make up most of the population.

Personalized and Focused: Homeschooling

In 2016, US Department of Education estimated about 1.7 million homeschooled students. The same survey presents that among the top reasons for homeschooling are the prevention of peer pressure and an intention of religious instruction. Homeschooling is personalized to suit the student’s personality and abilities. It may be effective for a student who has special needs, such as those with attention issues. This system also provides comfort to students with physical problems. In this method, the teacher focuses on one student. He or she also provides an appropriate curriculum for the student. Each child has his or her learning curve. If a traditional class setting is not compatible with a student’s educational needs, parents should consider an alternative approach. Individual students should be given an opportunity to learn at their own pace.
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