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All About Yourself: Simple Hacks to Pamper Yourself at Home

De-stressing TipsBreak free from your work’s never-ending deadlines and client calls by indulging yourself with few simple yet relaxing pampering services. This article shares a list of things you may do at home that will instantly make you feel good and look good from inside-out.

Schedule a Spa Day

A good 20-30 minutes dip in a tub can immediately heal any soreness in your muscle. Make the mood even more relaxing by lighting up some candles around, filling up the room with feel good music, and adding some body oil in your hot bath. Right after doing it, you’ll feel refreshed and happier.

Paint Your Nails

While mani and pedicure service can certainly provide a comfort on your hands and feet, things might get a little too pricey sooner. So, instead of getting a regular service, you may simply settle with painting them yourself. You just need to shop for a set of nail polish in wholesale and you’re all set preferably for months to come, says Gloss & Co.

Have a Good Hair Day (Always)

With your busy work schedule, keeping your hair in place might be quite a task to fulfil. What’s more is a sudden visit to salon might even stress you more. To save yourself from these scenarios, one thing you can do is to come up with your own hair care regimen. All you need is to apply coconut oil to your locks (enough amount to cover everything) and you’re all set!

Staycation Never Gets Old

If you badly need a getaway trip, but is not possible as of the moment, why not try going on a staycation. A cheap hotel deal will do the trick and you’re ready to go. But, if you’re on a stricter budget, then stay home instead. Shut off yourself to the work and get as much rest as you want.

Have Your Own Cheat Day

Once every two weeks, give yourself the chance to eat your favourite desserts. Eating sweets every once in a while provides a sense of satisfaction and happiness you can never find in anywhere else. Get the relaxation your body needs with these pampering hacks. Take some time off whenever necessary and just breathe. You’ll see the good effects of these things later on. Have a good sleep and avoid tiring yourself out.
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