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A Professional Artist’s Endeavour: Earning and Profiting from Your Paintings

Art As CareerThe world of art continues to be competitive and discerning. However, working on your passion and earning from it is every artist's dream come true. If you want to be part of the present profitability of art, you'd need to accept these facts as you're still starting out.

It’s Not the Tools

Practice, dedication, and a keen eye are the primary qualities that any painter must have. Top quality artist-grade tools make life easier but can be quite pricey. Besides, a true artist must be able to utilize any palette, brush, and paper to its utmost. Hone your skills constantly and be intimate with your current equipment before desiring something better. Once you are confident in your abilities and have made a niche in Kearns' art scene, you can finally file for that cash loan and invest in higher grade tools.

Different Mediums

If you do work with different mediums like oil, acrylic, and watercolor, remember to rest your mind and hands between them. Each type of paint has different properties and won’t translate to canvas the same way. Dryer mediums like oil are typically put on paper from dark to light. Wetter mediums like watercolor go the opposite. There is no need to just be an expert with one medium but having your own branded expertise would make it easier to market your work.

Art Marketplaces

Choose avenues for selling your art. Check online for companies and individuals who are looking for an in-house or contractual artist.  Bring a digital copy of your resume and portfolio, if not the actual physical work, to all art events that you attend. Talk to local museums and cafes for possible exchange deals. According to, you can even file for cash loans to invest in renting an exhibit space or buying a website to display your works.

Art can be a passion and yet can also be a career or business. Being aware of the difference and similarities of the three can guide you to more marketable ways to reach a larger audience. After all, as the saying goes, "knowing is half the battle".

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