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3 Toxic Elements You Need a Professional to Check

Mould in the corner of the houseWithout debate, people care about their safety and that of their loved ones and employees. For both home-owners and business owners, it is always best to seek the right people if you suspect hazardous substance contamination. Environmental consultants such as those in Auckland have the skills and resources to detect such issues. Below are three common toxic impurities that your specialist could help you identify.


Lead contamination is common. You find this substance in paint coatings, and sometimes pollution is not intentional. Usually, some paints contain over 2% of lead and this could pose probable health risks. The consultant you hire could inspect your site, inform you whether there are issues of concern and even educate you on the proper steps to take. Anyone buys an old home, perhaps one built before 1980 should seek the needful inspections before money changes hands.


You cannot always see asbestos with the naked eye. It is fibre commonly found on pipes, roof shingles, ceiling tiles and floor tiles just to mention a few. If you inhale the fibre in large amounts, it could cause not only breathing problems. It poses risks of asbestosis, mesothelioma or lung cancer. Hiring an environmental consultant to carry out the needful inspections would hence be crucial.


Water damage issues cause mould. Areas that experience humid weather all year round are also prone to mould and mildew problems. Let’s say you have detected an issue or you suspect an underlying problem. You could call an environmental consultant to assist you in understanding the extent of the mould problem. They have the tools to identify the root cause of a problem. They will then be able to propose the best mould stop environmental damage measures. Environmental concerns such as air, water or soil pollution can lead to serious health issues. They could also put you on the wrong side of the law. Competent experts are well acquainted with the most recent environmental legislation and regulations. They could, therefore, provide appropriate guidance for various industries that produce toxic waste.
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