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3 Things Newly Published Authors Should Do

They say that to be a successful author is a combination of three things: passion, hard work, and Writer Workingimagination. But what do you do when the books already hit the stores? Here are three things that newly published writers should do to become successful in the business side of writing:

Manage Your Royalty Payments

Consider using a royalty calculator so you can automate your royalty management process. It’s easier to have this online tool so you don’t have to do the math yourself. It’s a great option if you have several books on the market and you have varying royalty rates.

Work on Your Marketing

If you’re a self-published author, you need to market your own books. Many indie authors do this by creating their author profiles on free websites and social media. You can come up with your own promotional materials and schemes to get your book out of the shelves. But if you’re working with a traditional publisher, they will handle all of these for you. As the author, you can share your marketing ideas with your publisher to expand your market reach and increase your sales.

Keep Writing

So you wrote a book and sold copies; now what? You need to write new ones. For some, they consider this as the essence of being a writer or author. You need to keep writing to keep your readers happy. Thanks to social media, you can keep your readers updated about your upcoming works. Some authors have their own websites and they write short blog posts about their progress. These are good ways to market your new existing and upcoming books. Writing is a serious business. As such, you need to handle all areas, including the business side of it. Consider these tips if you’re looking for ways on how to improve your chances of being a successful and best-selling author.
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