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3 Strategies You Can Do to Promote Wellness in a Busy Workplace

Office ActivityMost corporate employees spend over one-third of their day in the office. They sit and work at their stations for hours, putting their body at risk of developing illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle. While this issue is of primary concern to the workers themselves, their employers should contribute to addressing this problem. After all, if employees get sick, their absence or inefficiency greatly affects the office productivity, as a whole. If you’re a manager or an employer, here are a few ways you can promote wellness in your busy workplace:

1. Offer a Variety of Health and Wellness Programs

Many companies provide gym memberships as part of the worker’s benefits, while others conduct regular wellness and health education sessions. While there’s nothing wrong with these types of programs, it is ideal if you offer a variety of incentives that promote health and wellness. Perhaps, you can sponsor yoga sessions, establish a running group and create an in-house health and wellness committee on top of your regular programs. This way, your staff has an opportunity to choose an initiative that interests them the most; something to which they can commit for a long time even if they’re busy.22

2. Integrate Physical Activity in the Office Design

It is ideal to have your office at a mixed-use development. Take for example this commercial hub in Paya Lebar offers accessibility to park connectors and bike-friendly facilities that can help your employees achieve a more active lifestyle. But if moving is not viable, a space that offers flexibility in changing office layouts to stimulate physical activity is a great alternative. Add treadmills or install standing desks in your workplace, for instance. After all, standing for hours comes with many health benefits.

3. Be Open to Your Employees’ Ideas

Since your employees are the ones who experience the negative health effects of physical inactivity, let them share their ideas for promoting workplace wellness. Perhaps, a few of them know some quick meditation techniques or short exercise routines that can benefit your other employees, too. Above all, you need to foster a workplace culture where people care for each other. This way, it is easier to engage and motivate everyone to have a healthier lifestyle, as they know they have their colleagues to support them.
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