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3 Simple Steps To Maintain Your Brand

Building and maintaining a brand is extremely important in this day and age. Nike and Apple were among the first to start thinking of themselves as brand manufacturers rather than just products. It is even more difficult for established brands with broad reaches. For example, the minimum advertised pricing policy was created to prevent brand erosion. The policy prevents retailers from advertising a product below a specific price (this includes both online and print ads) This does not mean that they cannot sell it for a lower price than the minimum advertised price. It can go as low as the minimum suggested retail price, but that’s a whole new concept. Even something as small as the advertised price can greatly affect a brand. For example, if a retailer would advertise Apple’s Airpods for $99 instead of the company’s $199, then the consumer would immediately think that it is too inflated and that they are not getting the value for the price. Beyond the set policies, how else can one maintain their brand?

1. Go back to the brand’s heart.

Besides luxury and the idea of being part of a community, a brand sets itself apart because of its purpose – its heart. For Nike, it’s “Just Do It.” inspired by the last words of Gary Gilmore, “Let’s do it.” The tagline advocates a mindset that tells people to take a leap of faith and to “just do it.” It also carries with it a sporty vibe, apt for the products that they produce. We can also look at Apple’s “Think different.” that challenges conformity and encourages innovation. Their tagline inspired a variety of their products that revolutionized the smartphone industry. It is helpful to go back to your brand’s core values and to integrate it with whatever your goals are now.

2. Be detail-oriented with every release.

Whether it be a new product or an online ad, screening everything is crucial for brand maintenance. Working closely with your retailers is also a great way to ensure that the way your brand is translated consistently from production up to the hands of the consumer. Setting up an efficient system to approve any release would not only help speed up the processes at your company but also create brand consistency. Without a proper brand protocol, the company might fall apart because consumers won’t be able to identify them. It can also affect your employees’ productivity because of all the delays that revising would cause.

3. Quality over prestige.

Quality content laptop Established brands tend to neglect product or service quality because of consumer loyalty. However, with the rise of social media also comes a space where consumers can freely share their reviews with a big audience. One more reason why brands should be more alarmed is the idea of “canceling” a particular brand when deemed to be below quality. The term was coined by Twitter users that rally together against an individual (can be a celebrity or not) or a company. An example is when makeup brands are “canceled” for producing foundation shades that are limited and exclusive. Loving your brand is one part of the success formula. Staying true to it is another.
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