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yellow signage that states safety is job number 1

3 Practical Ways of Reducing Accidents in the Workplace

yellow signage that states safety is job number 1Every manager aims at keeping their employees safe. However, some of them are reluctant to take the necessary measures to ensure their safety. The apparent reason may be that some precautions may be expensive, hence affecting the company’s profit margins. That is unethical. Below are some of the things that managers should consider to ensure the safety of their employees.

Non-slip floors points out that slippery floors account for a significant portion of workplace accidents. Such slips can cause light bruises to broken limbs. If the office floor poses a risk to the safety of employees, managers should contract a company offering commercial non-slip flooring to perform surface rejuvenation. A slippery floor needs to be overridden with a layer of a more coarse surface coating.

Proper labelling and restriction of hazardous areas

Any sections within the company dealing with hazardous chemicals should be properly labelled. The aim is to inform those accessing the area to take the necessary precautions. Additionally, such areas should be located away from other general access areas and their entry restricted to only the authorised employees. That means that, for instance, a laboratory dealing with chemicals such as compounds of cyanide should not be located next to the reception area.

Wearing protective gear

It is not possible to eliminate all accidents. Regardless of the measures put in place, it is still likely that an employee may get into the line of danger. That is why it is advisable for managers to equip their staff with the necessary gear. For example, employees working with toxic chemicals may be provided with face masks, gumboots, and overalls. Those working in the packaging zone may require gloves to protect their hands against possible injuries.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees. Equipment such as protective gear should be considered when preparing a budget for the production department of any company.

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