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Child's birthday party

3 Party Elements That Will Make Your Child’s Birthday Extra Special

For many of us, our birthday parties were some of the most cherished memories of our childhood. It’s only right, then, that we do our best to make our children’s birthdays special for them. If your child’s birthday is coming up, here are three key aspects you can focus on to help make the event truly memorable.


It’s a kiddie party; there’s no need to prepare elaborate dishes to make the party spread special. Old kiddie party favourites served in creative ways will get the job done. Consider making mini hot dog buns that children can eat easily. Popcorn, potato wedges and chips can all be served in colourful paper cups or boxes. And your kid’s birthday cake will surely be unique if you order it from a shop that allows you to create your own cake online.


As your guests of honour will be kids, you need to find ways to keep the young ones entertained. One sure-fire way to do this is by holding party games that children of any age will enjoy, such as the Egg and Spoon Race, Musical Chairs, and Simon Says. Apart from the games, you may hire magicians, clowns, or character mascots to perform a show for the kids. The young guests will likewise have fun with activities like balloon twisting and face painting.

Party Favours

Of course, a kiddie party won’t be complete without party favours. For sure, the young guests will be excited to take home bags filled with toys like whirl-a-copters, pull-back cars, and plastic unicorns. Goodies, such as swirl lollipops, candy poles, and jelly beans will make for great party favours, as well. Better yet, if you are opting for a party theme, such as Marvel Superheroes, for instance, you may give out bags with toys, pencils, hankies and items bearing character images. Let’s do our best to give our kids unforgettable birthday parties. It’s one gift they can cherish for the rest of their lives.
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