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3 Must-Haves for Every Project Manager

project manager with clientProject management is often underestimated. In reality, it can be a tough job. It requires you to coordinate schedules and follow through activities to make sure that the output will be excellent. It requires flawless organizational skills. For you to fulfill your tasks efficiently, you will need to have the right tools. It is akin to a carpenter who must have the right tools to come up with a good chair. Your tools of the trade should be easy to use and have actual benefits for the organization. Here are some of the simple tools that every project manager should have:


It may seem a simple tool, but it is highly essential. Many project managers make the mistake of thinking that they can remember every word said in a meeting. This should not be the case as memory is not always reliable. It is advisable that you always take down notes, which you can always refer to when there is a problem or you are looking for a new idea for a project.


Coordination is one of the key tasks of a project manager. With this, you need to keep in mind that all your schedules are aligned. You can see the big picture if you have a calendar. It can be an analog or a digital one. But if you are aiming for transparent coordination, you can always go for a shareable digital calendar.

Cloud-Based App

Project managers are always on the go, and you will find it necessary to work wherever you are. This is where the benefits of a project management cloud app come in. It allows you to access your files and documents whenever or wherever you are. These are only some of the items that every project manager should have. Notebooks, calendars, and cloud-based apps may be simple and common, but they are definitely useful, especially if you are a project manager. You can also suggest them to your team.
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