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3 Errors to Watch Out for in an SEO Audit

SEOA website’s SEO performance tend to fluctuate especially during the first few months of implementing online marketing campaigns. You need to conduct regular SEO audits to uncover any hidden issues and try to find solutions and ways to make it better. However, some marketers rely solely on their usual methods and checklists that they fail to see some issues that may occur beyond it. Here are some severe but common issues you should be on the lookout for.
Duplicate Pages
According to, duplicate pages (like two identical blog posts or home pages) can ruin not just your PR but more importantly your page rankings. Aside from checking duplicate content from the web, you must also check across your own site because this may just be a case of carelessness. Be careful as well with duplicate Meta titles, descriptions, and tags, which can hurt you just as much as duplicate content.
Preferred Domain
Websites use different domains, including www or non-www and http or https. A mistake many businesses make is using all four. This will confuse search engines and will ultimately affect your search rankings. Hire a credible SEO consultant in Sydney to help you figure out which version(s) has the highest link signals. Applying changes may result to brief ranking drops, but will be beneficial in time.
Orphaned Pages
Orphaned pages are those pages that you used to link to but are now down, inactive, or disconnected from your site. This usually happens when a website undergo a redesign and certain web pages have been overlooked or forgotten to be reconstructed. There are even cases when content of various forms get created but never linked on the site. This results to wasted efforts and missed SEO opportunities. These are just some of the errors that you need to lookout for during every SEO audit. This way, you can uncover neglected issues and find ways to solve them quickly.
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