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Inside a beautiful house

3 Considerations When Designing Your Dream Home

Inside a beautiful houseWe all dream of having our very own house. And it only becomes even more fulfilling and exciting if we get to have the home built from the ground up. For all of you planning to have your dream house built, here are three factors to consider.

Architectural design

One of the very first – if not the first – things you need to consider when planning your dream house is the architectural style. Do you want a cottage with wooden walls and a timber beam? A Mediterranean house with stuccoed walls and tiled roofs? A modern home with flat roofs and floor-to-ceiling windows? Whatever design you choose, just be sure to take into account the climate, location, and the size of your lot.

Living Space

While you can always have your house extended in the future, it would still be better to know already the amount of living space you want for your home. Do you want a two-storey house? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want to have? Aside from the kitchen, dining and living rooms, do you want other common areas like a home theatre or game room? The size of your house will largely depend on your lot area and family size.

Construction materials

For the most part, your building contractor will take care of the selection of construction materials. Still, you need to let your contractor know of your preferences. This is especially true when it comes to the materials that will be used for the finishing touches. Do you want hardwood flooring? What kind of lighting fixtures do you want? Don’t hesitate to give suggestions, as your homebuilder will let you know anyway if they’re not viable. So whenever you’re ready to have your own house built, consider these three factors to help you get started on your dream home construction project.
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