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3 Common Accidents That You Can Prevent at Home

Man fixing the garage doorEvery year, over 18,000 Americans die due to accidental injuries that happen at home? It’s a sad reality but what is good to know is that prevention and increase in safety can help households prevent common home accidents. Here are some of them and how to prevent them.

Garage Door Accidents

Broken garage doors, whether manual or automatic, are huge safety risks not just for small children but also for adults. When malfunctioning or broken, there’s so stopping garage doors from falling on cars, people, and even pets. That’s why it is advisable to call Bucks County garage door repair pro like O’Brien Garage Doors immediately if there are problems with the unit instead of going DIY or delaying the repairs altogether.

Falls, Trips, and Slips

According to figures from the CDC, 31,959 Americans died in 2014 due to unintentional falls. Anyone can suffer from fatal falls, trips, and slips, but seniors, small children, and pregnant women carry higher risks. To prevent falls, trips, and slips at home, look for the common hazards such as loosened rugs and carpets and especially slippery bathroom tiles and bathtubs. There are many products today that you can use to eliminate the risks of falls and slips.


Based on CDC facts, more than 300 children across the US are rushed to ER’s due to accidental poisoning. While it’s important to clearly mark the toxic chemicals in your home and keep them out of reach of children, do you know that common household cleaning products and even medications can be harmful when accidentally ingested? This is why it’s important to keep these seemingly safe items away from the curious hands of children. Consider these tips to improve the safety and security measures in your own home, whether you have seniors or small children in your household. Remember that even adults are at risk when it comes to home accidents.
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